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Abilities Beyond Skills: Building Values, Attitudes and Behaviors for Sustainable Employability

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Here are few interesting details about our program:

India is currently experiencing a ‘youth bulge’. To tap this demographic dividend, the government's skilling initiatives are aiming for 300 million skilled people by 2022. However, in spite of young people being trained in masses, the country is facing two major challenges

Employers are struggling to find the right employees for jobs: In the manufacturing sector alone, out of the 30 lakhs students graduating every year, only 5 lakhs are considered to be employable, creating a shortage for employers. To get sufficient workforce, employers conduct high-cost internal training to train the new recruits.

High attrition rate: Even the youth who are able to get employed are not able to continue for long due to lack of requisite skills and mismatch in their aspiration and current job role. High attrition also adversely impacts the employer’s business.

Therefore, the need of the hours is:

To go beyond technical skills training: It’s clear from the data, that technical skills are not sufficient. Employers want a workforce who in addition to possessing the right technical skills, have the ability to effectively cater to the demands of the 21st century market which is volatile, complex, competitive and technology-driven. With Covid 19 altering the economic landscape, life capacities like empathy, adaptability, flexibility, resilience, learnability etc. would become even more critical for every individual to sustain themselves.

To enable young people to lead meaningful productive lives: Youth across diversities are not just seeking a livelihood but looking to live meaningful productive lives- of which a fulfilling career is a key aspect. Therefore, there is a need to focus on holistic development of the young person- taking into account their individual developmental needs.

Our Response

The ABS curriculum framework (as shown above) takes into account life capacities and skills required by potential employees to get the job, sustain the job and do it with excellence. All program curriculums are derived, designed and developed on the basis of this larger framework as per the requirements of the partner agency. We have the basic design framework of the sessions, which is customized after detailed need analysis of the audience. The modules designed for the same, can be integrated in the technical curricula of ongoing skill development programs and vocational courses.

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