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Strengthening Capacities of Social Entrepreneurs & Youth Engaging Partners

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  • Changelooms: A year long learning and leadership journey to support young early-stage social entrepreneurs working with youth and adolescents on diverse issues. It aims to strengthen entrepreneurial capacities by creating spaces that nurture forward looking, wholesome leaders, for sustainable social change initiatives that ensure social, economic, psychological and cultural inclusion. Changelooms also provide young Changmakers who have an innovative social change idea, with a platform to develop, experiment and run their social change ideas on ground. The focus is to give young people a space to make impactful social change initiatives through the projects. Over the years, we have supported more than 600 young entrepreneurs from more than 200 social change initiatives and 250 social change experiments in 25 states across the country on diverse thematic areas. 

  • Saanstha: Derived from a combination of Hindi words- “Sanstha” which means an organization and “Saans” means ‘to breathe’; the programme aims to re-vision an organization as a living and learning system. The focus is to build capacities of organisations to be advocates for youth development and active citizenship work in their regions. This process has supported to develop, design and implement high quality organization development interventions in the areas of people, operations, strategy and finance within 11 partner organizations- ALFA, Agrini, CYC, People for Change, PJI, Pravah, Prantakatha, Rubaroo, Synergy, YES have been on this journey with us. The programme has been supported by the Paul Hamylyn Foundation. 

  • My Life Mere faisle: An intervention designed by Pravah and partners that looks at the issue of early and child marriage through a psycho-social approach. It aims to enable young people to take charge of one's life and decisions. Over a span 5 years, this programme supported by Amplify Change and American Jewish World Service,  has reached out to 8000+ youth and adolescents through a strong coalition of 11 partners across 7 states (M.P, Rajasthan, U.P, Telangana, Bihar, New Delhi, Jharkhand) and in 17 districts. 

  • Caste in Stone (?): Empowering youth to challenge caste-based discrimination to address the issue of caste-based discrimination, Pravah designed and implemented the ‘Caste in Stone’ curriculum ( 2012-2016); a journey for college youth to build more inclusive identities. It aims to understand deep seated discrimination institutionalised over the years and opportunities to take action on the same through rural internships, exposures and action projects. The project tackled caste based discrimination in 4 partner locations and was supported by Change Alliance. 

Capacity Building of Youth

Facilitators & Educators

  • Plan it Girls, Creating gender safe spaces in school: A two year long journey designed and implemented with teachers across 10 Delhi government schools. This program enabled them to understand issues of gender especially for adolescent girls and analyse their own role in creating safe inclusive spaces in school. Experiences of the two years resulted in creation of Samvad- A gender docket for teachers to create a safe and empowering classroom supported by ICRW.

  • FReason; taking decisions with feeling and reason: This programme in partnership with UNICEF Kashmir aims to build capacities of 25 Master trainers and 108 Animators to create safe spaces for 500 adolescents in conflict  zones by setting up Adolescent Resource Centres  in three South Kashmir Districts. The curriculum empowers adolescents to build their ability to deal with their feelings and emotions positively, seek and provide support to their peer group for their well being and engage with their communities meaningfully.

  • With.In Leading Together: In 2014, Pravah partnered with DFID's PACS programme to facilitate a leadership and learning journey with 350 PACS field facilitators. The programme enabled them to engage and hand-hold community based organisations  to function as self-sustained groups and address the issue of social exclusion by creating inclusive spaces for communities across 6 States- Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

  • Corporate Volunteering in mentoring: Pravah in partnership with HCL Foundation facilitates the journeys of meritorious  scholars around Delhi and Chennai under the Power of One , My Scholar Programme. The model encourages and facilitates the HCL employees to contribute to the learning and growth of the scholars by playing the role of mentors. The programme aims at supporting the scholars with life capacities to navigate their own journeys and equip mentors with skills to support the scholars. 

  • Customized Professional Leadership Journeys: Pravah’s core strength lies in creating structured learning experiences which are customized journeys for organisations that cater to their internal realities and vision. In partnership with several social sector organisations Pravah has designed and facilitated many journeys, consultations, trainings and staff retreats for organisations like Plan India, NSS, CREA, , Breakthrough, Action Aid, IGSSS, Ekjut Jamghat, NEG Fire, Khoj, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development, Oxfam, UNICEF, UN Women, American Centre amongst few. 

  • ‘I Have a Dream’: is a Leadership and Mentoring Program customised for the American Centre to empower its Exchange Program . This program is expected to take close to 400 young (aged 17-26) alumni and 100 mentors on a journey of mutual empowerment through self-reflection followed by personal and social action. 

Open Programs

  • Get Real: A 3 day Deep Self-awareness retreat for youth and youth facilitators in education institutions or development organizations

  • Conflict Positive: A 5 day retreat on managing conflicts in a wholesome manner in order to break an unhealthy status quo and facilitate change in self, relationships and society. All retreats can also be followed by a mentored journey both specialized coaches for a deeper journey

  • Youth Strategy Development: We offer strategic consulting to organisations in the sector. A few organisations with whom we have worked with are Plan India, WWF, Oxfam, Action Aid.

  • Knowledge and Research Products: As a part of the programme we have created many impactful training manuals, papers and carried out impact studies to support organisations in developing a youth centric approach.

  • Big Ticket: A 5-day training offering a deep dive into instructional design and facilitation for all learning professionals.

  • Ocean In a Drop: A 6-day training that builds capacities of CEO and founders, facilitators, educators, HR/training professionals and individuals working with youth, in areas of youth development, systems thinking, instructional design, facilitation and deep self awareness.

Educational Programs

  • Teacher Training: Carried out with both in service and pre-service teachers . They  are encouraged to take stances, adopt an attitude of 100% responsibility and  resolve conflicts in a Win-Win manner. It encourages them to inspire, foster trust and a positive environment in classrooms. Run regular classes with the B El Ed department, and have facilitated others Like Jagori's Safe School Safe City campaign to train teachers from Government schools, SCERT and the Delhi government for mentor teachers. A recent iteration was the 'Plan It Girls' programme supported by the International Council for Research on Women (ICRW) - to build the capacities of government school teachers to create gender sensitive safe learning spaces in government schools, run in partnership with Restless Developmet.

Abilities beyond Skills: Employability & Entrepreneurship (with teachers/trainers)



  • Empowering Youth towards Sustainable Employability supported by HSBC Skills for Life - HSBC Skills for Life has been designed to build abilities of 600 economically disadvantaged youth from Delhi in areas of retail and IT/ITeS domain skills ,life capacities, IT skills and communicative English. Through the 10 month training of trainers learning journey the focus is the certification of at least 80% of trained youth, provide job opportunities to all trained candidates and support 70% to secure placement.

  • Strengthening HCL YuvaKendra supported by HCL Foundation: Programme aims to enhance and enrich the existing YuvaKendra skill building training by integration of the ABS life capacities curriculum and implementation of the same with current youth trainees of the YuvaKendras / government run skilling centres.

  • Abilities Beyond Skills: Life Capacities of Usha Silai School Women Entrepreneurs supported by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA): This programme empowers  Usha Silai School Women Entrepreneurs from the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Bihar by designing and developing a curriculum with special focus on Gender and Reproductive Health Rights. The programme works closely with the Master trainers and builds their capacities to run the curriculum.

  • The Eklavya Programme supported by Castrol India: In its 4th year, this programme focuses on the up-skilling of two-wheeler technicians from remote areas with skills required to further their profession as a sustainable income generating activity through a 'training of trainers' model.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme supported by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in partnership with Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana (PMYY), this programme is designed as  a 60 hours entrepreneurship curriculum for Government Industrial Training Institutes & Polytechnics, Private ITIs & Polytechnics and Jan Shikshan Sansthan in Delhi to promote self-employment amongst students. Last phase reached out to 17 Government ITIs and 28 teachers, who in turn reached out to 500+ students. In this phase, it is currently rolling out across 28 institutes reaching out to 2000+ students and 50 teachers. The EDP  program involves a training journey with teachers who would further facilitate the entrepreneurship curriculum with students.

Abilities beyond Skills: Employability & Entrepreneurship (with youth directly)



  • Life Capacities for Sustainable Employability (LCSE) supported by Ambedkar University Delhi: This is a course for students studying Bachelors of Vocational Course - has been designed to bridge the gap between expectations of employers and potential employees; and to equip potential employees with flexible, congruent wholesome leadership values, attitudes, behaviours and decision-making capacities. The programme has been running since 2017.

  • Our New Horizons Programme supported by Dr. Reddy Labs, is a behavioural training and mentoring journey with entry level young recruits at Dr. Reddy's Labs' manufacturing units at Baddi and Hyderabad, over 3 months to build their capacities as effective employees by focusing on aspirations, conflict resolution, workplace adaptability, leadership and interpersonal relationships. Dr. Reddy's Labs' have adopted and made this module mandatory for all their entry level recruits across  plants.

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps supported by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in partnership with Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana (PMYY), As a part of this programme there are  awareness building sessions with young people  in Government Industrial Training Institutes & Polytechnics, Private ITIs and Polytechnics and Jan Shikshan Sansthan in Delhi to promote self-employment among students. There has been an outreach of 1800 students in this programme.

  • Other Customised Interventions: The ABS curriculum has been tailored for different organisations in the form of module development and training; such as Business to Rural, Learning Links,  Godrej and Boyce, ITI Nandnagri, NIOS, IL&FS (also the ones mentioned above).

  • Stakeholder Consultation on Employability: Hosted a stakeholder consultation in June 2015 and 2017 in partnership with UNFPA to discuss the key challenges in the skilling sector and present the ABS curriculum framework to receive inputs and feedback. Representatives from corporate, government, foundations and NGOs participated in  the consultation including Castrol, BP, Maruti, PwC, Don Bosco, NIIT Foundation and Centum. Integrating life competencies in the technical training was seen as a necessity for the skilling sector, along with investing in training of trainers to transact the curriculum effectively. 

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