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Building Adolescent Leadership


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  • From Me to We: Our flagship adolescent programme builds leadership by developing the self, building positive relationships and taking action in society. The program comprises of interactive input sessions, peer engagement projects and community exposure visits to understand social issues and inspire active leadership through social action projects.

  • My School: In partnership with HCL Foundation's Uday program this intervention focuses on building democratic leadership among students of classes 6-8 in Government schools of Gautam Buddh Nagar District. The aim of the programme is to encourage student participation and active citizenship through the structure of Bal Panchayats.

  • Safe School & Safe Cities: In partnership with UNWomen this gender focused life skills programme has been run across private and government schools. It allows adolescents to challenge gender realities and enhance safety through a leadership journey with the aim to make school a gender safe space. 

  • Curious Me: With the aim to encourage the spirit of enquiry, this programme develops scientific temperament amongst adolescents. It nurtures their curiosity by using the framework of MADS (mapping, analysis, development and synthesis), to solve school based and localised issues. In partnership with British Petroleum this programme ran in govt aided and private schools in Delhi NCR and with partner People for Change in  Jharkhand.

  • Friendship Udankhatola Rural Camp: A powerful interactive and experiential learning journey, which offers urban school students an insight into rural life and sustainable development, through hands-on exposure through a 5-7 day rural immersion.

  • Beyond Zebra: A learning and leadership journey focusing on providing safe and meaningful volunteering opportunities to adolescents to discover what lies beyond the black and white. It offers a dive into an issue through placement in a partner NGO and encourages student ideated and led action projects.

  • My Life Mere Faisle: This programme builds agency of young people (13-25 years) supporting them to challenge the issue of early and child marriage in their own lives and their community by enhancing the ability to take decisions. This scale programme with soul is designed as a 50 hour curriculum running with 11 partners in 7 locations.

  • Urban Community Exposure Visits: It is designed as a single day  or staggered community visit.  It gives an opportunity to students of private schools to bring their social science curriculum to life as they engage with urban informal settlements and resettlement communities to build their understanding on issues like citizenship and identities, rights and entitlements and sustainable development.

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