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Our Philosophy:

A Psycho-Social Approach towards Youth Development

India is looking at the largest number of  young people entering the workforce over the decade and a half thereby positioning itself to reap a demographic dividend. The investment we make in young people today is going to be a critical determinant of whether we actually reap a dividend or be burdened by a liability. At Pravah, we believe that this is an opportune time to  shift the narrative from ‘reaping the demographic dividend to sowing demographic multipliers’.. While the dividend perspective looks at youth as assets to be invested in for society’s benefit, the multiplier implies creating conditions and spaces where the young can multiply their own potential. Young people have seen a tectonic shift in their environment which directly affects their learning, growth and opportunity. We believe that our contribution to sustainable youth development is to nurture social hope by building value based leadership amongst them, strengthening  youth engaging and youth development organisations to design and facilitate effective journeys, and co-creating social change that keeps alive the constitutional values.

DNA Of Social Hope:

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