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Ritikaa Khunnah

Ritikaa Khunnah is the CEO of Indirect Interventions at Pravah and has been associated with Pravah since 2008. She has over 20 years of experience in the development sector. Her functional areas of expertise include gender equality, youth development, curriculum design and facilitation and deep self-awareness. She has co- created curriculums for employability and building life competencies in youth in the skilling sector. She was heading the training arm of Pravah, before this portfolio and is a mentor to youth leaders and youth-led organizations and continues to facilitate capacity building interventions with youth and adult facilitators. She has been a member of the UNWomen multi-country civil society advisory group to promote gender equality. She holds Masters in Social work from Tata institute of Social Sciences and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights, International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws from Indian Academy of International Law

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